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The Heraldry of Foreigners in England 1400-1700

by Dr Michael Siddons, Wales Herald Extraordinary

New Series volume 19, 473 pp., 50 GBP / $100 USD
ISBN 978-0-9540443-3-6, ISSN 1351-5438

Published in 2010, this is a compilation of arms recorded for foreigners in England from 1400 to 1700, covering both visitors and settlers.  The sources include grants of arms and augmentations made by English sovereigns and kings of arms, arms noted by the English heralds in the course of their duties at visitations and in arranging heraldic funerals, and arms taken from evidences in England deriving from foreign authorities.  Henry VI granted arms to several of his Gascon subjects whom he had ennobled.  Edward IV made a grant to Louis de Bruges, Earl of Winchester.  Henry VII made three such grants, one to Vincenzo Cappello, captain of the Venetian galleys transporting wool to Flanders.  Henry VIII made thirteen grants to foreigners, some to departing ambassadors, exceeded only by the twenty-four grants of James I.  Apart from diplomats, the recipients were soldiers, French protestant exiles, drainage engineers, artists and Dutch adherents of William III.  There are some 160 entries, each with manuscript sources given in detail and the full text of any surviving letters patent.

This volume can be purchased via our online shop, or by contacting the Hon.Secretary via the College of Arms (click for mailing address).

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