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At the Roots of Heraldry: Collected Papers of John Archibald Goodall

edited by Steven Ashley FSA

New Series volume 21, 205 pp.,     £45 / $90 USD
Published December 2018.    ISBN 978-0-9540443-5-0, ISSN 1351-5438

This important new volume has been compiled in memory of John Archibald Goodall FSA (1930-2005), a leading authority on heraldry, seals, coins, church monuments, and Oriental art and culture. He was a familiar figure known to many at the Society of Antiquaries and at the College of Arms where he served as research assistant to Sir Anthony Wagner, Garter King of Arms and author of English Genealogy and Heralds of England. In 1996 Goodall was awarded the Society of Antiquaries’ Medal, marking ‘outstanding service to the Society or the aims of the Society’. He wrote numerous scholarly papers for journals such as the Antiquaries Journal and Coat of Arms and was working on a catalogue of the Antiquaries’ seals collection and on Aspilogia IV: Rolls of Arms of Edward II at the time of his death. Amongst his many notes and papers taken into the care of the Society of Antiquaries at this time were a considerable number of unpublished studies. It is from these that this present selection is drawn. The new work contains an introduction, appreciations of Goodall’s life and work by Sally Badham FSA and Thomas Woodcock FSA, Garter King of Arms, as well as a comprehensive list of his written research, both published and unpublished. The broad spectrum of Goodall’s heraldic scholarship is amply demonstrated. Papers range from the role of ancient Eastern, Central Asian and Classical influences on the development of early European heraldry to a discussion of the surviving evidence for the sculpted and painted heraldic scheme that once decorated St Stephen’s Chapel, Westminster. Other chapters comprise an armory for Cyprus and the Latin East, employing fascinating information gleaned from the coins, seals and monuments of the Crusader kingdoms; a discussion of two Continental rolls of arms in the British Library; and an armory of medieval Religious Corporations in England and Wales. This substantial last paper brings together many useful sources for the first time, with each entry including a blazon of the arms, the names of the order, patron and founder and date of foundation. Indeed, all the chapters contain new and valuable insights. The volume also includes indexes of names, places and subject matter.


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