The Harleian Society

A Dictionary of Mottoes in England and Wales

by Michael Powell Siddons FSA

New Series volume 20, 370 pp., £55 GBP/ $110 USD
Published 2014.  ISBN 978-0-9540443-4-3, ISSN 1351-5438

This is a compilation of about 3,200 mottoes used in England and Wales before 1700. The author is Dr Michael Siddons, who has edited three previous works for the Society. Over many years he has transcribed mottoes from a wide variety of sources such as the Heralds’ Visitations, grants of arms, seals, portraits, monuments, flags and inscriptions in books. Many are in English, Latin or French, a number in Italian, Spanish and Welsh, and a handful in Greek, Dutch, Cornish, Hebrew, Middle English and Norse. By citing a source for each motto, Dr Siddons has remedied a deficiency in the standard publications, which in most instances merely attribute a motto to a family name. This volume describes the context in which the mottoes have been found, often dating the source and identifying the user.

The volume is available for purchase via our online shop, or by contacting the Hon.Secretary via the College of Arms (click for mailing address).

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