The Harleian Society

Future plans

The Heralds' Visitations are not inexhaustible; and in recent years, thought has been given by the Council as to what other body of genealogical and heraldic material might recommend itself to subscribers. The College of Arms holds large and valuable genealogical collections from past Officers of Arms, which remain largely unknown to the outside world. The publication of The Bigland Pedigree Index, an Index to the Pedigrees in the Genealogical Manuscripts of Sir Ralph Bigland, Garter King of Arms, in the College of Arms and the Catalogue of Welsh Manuscripts in the College of Arms has been an attempt to redress this. During the late 16th and 17th centuries, the Heralds prepared certificates of funerals, recording Arms and genealogical details of the deceased. These holdings of the College of Arms contain both heraldic and genealogical information and could well replace the Visitations as a future source of publishable material. In the meantime the Council would welcome new subscribers to ensure the continuation of the Harleian Society for many years to come.

Volumes in Preparation

  • Berkshire Church Notes, 1665, by Dr Adrian Ailes FSA

  • Robert Glover - Letters and Papers of a Tudor Herald and Scholar, by Dr. Nigel Ramsay FSA



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