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Visitations by the Heralds in Wales

by Michael Powell Siddons FSA

New Series volume 14, 297 pp., 50 GBP/ $100 USD
Published 1996.  ISBN 0-9513335-6-9, ISSN 1351-5438

The present volume presents the texts of the four visitations made by the heralds to parts of Wales. These are:

  1. South Wales and the adjoining March, by William Ballard, March King of Arms, c.1480.

  2. South Wales and Herefordshire, by William Fellow, Lancaster Herald, for Thomas Benolt, Clarenceux, in 1531.

  3. Flintshire, by Robert Chaloner, Lancaster Herald, and Francis Sandford, Rouge Dragon, Deputies and Marshals to William Dugdale, Norroy King of Arms, in 1670.

  4. Monmouthshire, by Henry Dethick, Richmond, and Gregory King, Rouge Dragon, for Sir Henry St. George, Clarenceux King of Arms, in 1683.

In addition, a visitation of Denbighshire was prepared for 1670 by Chaloner and Sandford, but no record of it has survived, and it was probably not carried out. A copy of the preparatory lists of the gentry of Denbighshire has survived in the College of Arms, and is also printed here.
Fulk ap Hywel, Lancaster Herald, received a commission to visit all Wales and the Marches on 9 June 1551, but this was not carried out owing to his degrading and execution for counterfeiting the seal of Clarenceux King of Arms. This is a matter for great regret, since no visitation of all Wales was ever made by the heralds.

The volume is available for purchase via our online shop, or by contacting the Hon.Secretary via the College of Arms (click for mailing address).

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